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Here's some free advice which I hope will help you get onto the right path for NCEA.

What is NCEA?

NCEA is the exam system of New Zealand high schools, there is level 1,2 and 3 NCEA which corresponds to the last 3 years of high school; year 11, 12 and 13. NCEA is an exam system that is quite different to other exam systems. There are only 3 pass grades; Achieved (A), Merit (M) and excellence (E). There is only one fail grade; Not Achieved. The pass grades are all worked out on if you properly do certain criteria that the standard you are doing requires and then how well you do it. If you don't do all the things or a certain combination of things, then you will not pass.

The A,M and E levels are not just organised as a score percentage. Achieved does not mean 50%~65%, Merit does not mean 65%~90% and so on... As a general rule, most students who put in a normal amount of work should be able to get Achieved. Students who try harder than everyone should be aiming for Merit, and the students who absolutely love the subjects and want to work on it even after they have finished all their study and homework will be deserving of excellence.

• A - Achieved = Normal, competent, serious students

• M- Merit = Students who put in an extra effort to study hard and get higher marks

• E- Excellence = Students who spend all of their free time thinking about the subject.

For university entrance there is usually no difference in results of any pass grade. Only passed or not passed. Some special courses such as medicine or engineering may have different standards and require higher pass grades.

The best way to prepare

The best way to prepare and to approach NCEA is firstly to understand exactly what each standard requires of you. each unit and achievement standard has very clear criteria stating what you must do to get A,M or E so read this first. Once you know what you have to do, make sure you can do it. this is where your homework and school work is important. If you cant do the necessary work then you will not achieve. Online resources

There are several online sources of information about NCEA. These can be very useful and are a good place to start looking.

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