We have created a unique method of study which shares aspects of other methods of effective learning including Enquiry Based Learning. This method makes it possible for students who have a strong will to improve, to do so quickly and cost effectively. This way of studying has been developed over many years and has been continually proven to work.

The central idea of our study method is that you get exactly what you need and only what you need. we don't waste time and effort teaching you what you already know, so you know that your study time is more efficient. You use your own skills in your own time (which is free) and most importantly you get guidance on what you are doing right and wrong.

Using our private lesson system, every student is given the best advice and most appropriate guidance for their personal improvement.

The KIWI@HOME study method consists of 5 stages.

  1. Identify language need. first you need to find out what you don't know but need to know. There are many things we all don't know and don't need to know, but the only way to find out what you need is by experience. This is important because this focuses your study efforts more efficiently.
  2. Investigate. Try to find out a little more about the language need that you identified. look up the word in your dictionary, listen out for the phrase or pronunciation, etc
  3. Get guidance and correction. Ask your teacher about the language need you identified and about what you have investigated. Your teacher will then correct any mistakes and give you guidance on how to use it correctly.
  4. Practice. Practice with your teacher then practice outside the classroom in real situations. The classroom practice makes sure you are using the language correctly but the outside practice makes sure you learn it and don't forget.
  5. Once you've gone through these 4 steps properly you will be able to master that one language point and be ready to identify your next language need and repeat the process.

 How we guide learners towards success

  1. To make sure our method is as successful as possible we control class sizes and structure so that learning is maximised.
  2. Learners are taught how to follow the training method and change old habits from the start which gives the best results quickly and for less cost.
  3. Regular counselling and feedback allows adjustments to be made to maximise efficiency.
  4. Expert teachers are able to quickly answer questions on a wide range of subjects which helps learners create an clearer understanding of the problem they are facing and then how to fix it.

These factors make it possible to be able to create a pathway for your study. Each student is guided to learn along a pathway that is specific to reaching their own personal goals. We don't have one size fits all" classes, because the reality is that these classes don't fit anyone. If your goal is to get residence in New Zealand under a particular Immigration New Zealand category, then your study pathway will be necessarily different to someone wanting to fit in at a Kiwi flat. 



An analogy (example)

Imagine you are an athlete, a swimmer for example. Your dream is to go to the Olympic games and win a gold medal. So what do you do? You train hard right? But training hard has little benefit if you don't have a coach because you may be just reinforcing bad technique. You need a coach to tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Your coach is there to help you improve. But do you expect your coach to swim while you watch? Maybe if he is showing you some point, but basically you need to do the work while your coach watches, guides and corrects you. Also, if you want to be a swimmer, you swim to train, you don't play rugby or tennis to train to be a swimmer.

Our method is like this, your teacher is your coach, you do a lot of work to improve your English with the constant guidance and advice of your teacher. If you want to speak English well, you need to have guided practice of speaking. If you want to write well, you need to practice writing, and so on. 

Efficient and effective learning

Our system is based on a principle we call gathering. To gather properly is a very important step in the learning process, and it is one that many students find difficult to adapt to. because it is so unique and many students are set in the inefficient ways of learning that is mainstream, learning to do gathering properly is time very well spent. The infographics below explain what gathering is and how it relates to our learning method.