Immigration Advice

Immigration advice is a professional service. We will do our best to help you in your immigration matter whether it is applying for residence in New Zealand, coming here to study or fighting deportation.

KIWI@HOME builds on a long history of English tuition and international student and visitor support to offer a more complete immigration service to our clients. We offer a range of immigration advice services, and we also offer a unique set of related services in the area of education consulting and English learning. This is an important relationship because one of the biggest factors influencing many migrant's success is English language fluency.

We strongly believe that providing quality immigration advice is the start of a Migrant's journey. It is very important because it enables the next stages to become possible. However, getting your visa is only the beginning because you still need to be able to settle comfortably in New Zealand, so a clear understanding on New Zealand culture and how to approach life here is also very important. Understanding cultural differences not only makes your life less stressful it may also help with getting a job, keeping the job, making friends and otherwise being able to settle.


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Dan graduated from the GCNZIA course with an A+ average. The GCNZIA course covers important aspects of immigration law, business practice and compliance with the immigration advisers authority's Code of Conduct. Not all immigration advisers are qualified and we are very proud that we are.

Immigration advisers are regulated as a professional body so quality and honesty is expected and enforceable for licensed immigration advisers. Immigration New Zealand will not accept applications from people who have received advice from people who are not licensed or exempt, so it pays to use a professional. Using a licensed immigration adviser will not help you cheat the law, but will help you find the law that can help you succeed if it exists.

Professional services

To live in New Zealand everyone who isn't a resident or citizen of New Zealand must have a visa. each visa is designed to suit the purpose of immigration New Zealand (INZ) to fulfil its role under the Immigration Act 2009 to manage immigration for the benefit of the nation. It is up to each applicant to make sure they are able to fulfil the requirements of the visa they are applying for.

We can help by providing specific assistance in your immigration matter. Whether you just need to know if you are eligible to apply, or if you have a big problem with INZ such as deportation it is easy to come to visit us and find out what you can do.

We have a transparent fee structure and you won't be surprised with big bills to pay at the end of your consultation. You will know from the start exactly how much things will cost so it is easy to get advice from us.

Immigration assessments

Immigration assessments are for clients who have a clear goal of coming to New Zealand and want to know the details their exact situation to be able to plan their way forward.

Visa applications

We can help you apply for any kind of visa you need. The visa must match your purpose of being in New Zealand and there are requirements that you need to meet before the visa is granted. To have your application for a certain type of visa approved you must show that you meet the requirements for that visa.

Residence pathways

There are many pathways to residence in New Zealand and it is mainly a matter of making sure that you fit the criteria under the visa you wish to apply for. Put very simply; to qualify for residence you need in-demand job skills or money to invest or family resident in New Zealand, and good English, good health and good character. If there are difficulties they will be showing that you meet the requirements to the satisfaction of the immigration officer who is assessing your application. An immigration adviser adds value to your application by firstly making sure that you gather the appropriate documents and that your application is presented to INZ in a way which makes it clear that you meet the requirements for the visa type you are applying for.

Appeals and reviews

There are certain paths which you can use to ask INZ to change their mind about decisions that you don't agree with. There are often very strict requirements for these appeals and reviews to succeed and using a qualified and licensed immigration adviser can often improve your chances of success.

General work

 There are many things an immigration adviser does in the process of helping our clients apply for a visa. We are happy to help you with any matter, no matter how small it is. The type of things which come under the category of general work, include:

  • Writing a letter to explain why you were refused a visa in the past
  • Checking your own application form
  • General advice on how best to proceed with your application or prepare for your application
  • Dealing with your employers or education providers to help with your immigration matter
  • Answering your questions about your rights and obligations under NZ immigration law