Workplace training and English.

We provide workplace training for selected international companies in Christchurch. As the influx of international workers means the ethnic diversity of the companies' work force is expanded, the need for fast, efficient and accurate training in cultural and linguistic skills and understanding becomes much more important.



For companies of diverse industries as engineering, manufacturing and IT, our highly structured, efficiency driven teaching - learning method is helping international workers to fit in and become valuable employees, especially now with the Christchurch rebuild in full swing.


For Employers

If you are hiring international workers, we can help you get the best from them.

International workers often have an amazing depth of talent, but this talent is often not realized because of cultural differences or barriers to communication. Something as simple as pronunciation can make a huge difference to how your other employees perceive and interact with migrant workers. This can cause problems on both sides with the kiwi workers failing to recognise the true value of the international worker and of the international worker feeling under valued. Cultural understanding also plays a big role, if your company culture encourages workers to be creative, use their experience and talents to the maximum benefit of the company, then the workers need to know that it is both appropriate and appreciated to contribute. This is not always the case in different cultures so workers may need to be taught things that we feel are natural and normal. Once workers know what is appropriate and what isn't, then they need to know how to do it.

International workers feeling under-valued and not being able to fit in to New Zealand culture is a large cause of workers leaving to go back to their home country. retention of international workers directly depends on how comfortable they feel staying in NZ.

Our tuition programmes do not require a student visa, so international workers can easily enrol and participate in this training with no complicated paperwork or pre-requisites.

We pride ourselves on the speed in which we are able to facilitate student improvement, this combined with a flexible schedule and the fact that lesson times are shorter and at the same time, much more effective than standard learning systems, means that your workers quickly come up to speed. With our unique study method, your workers are spending less time in the classroom and more time at work, finding language and cultural sources most useful to them directly from their daily routine.

For Workers

If you are looking for a job, or want to improve the chances of getting a firm job offer, then you will need the skills to communicate well, get on well with your work mates and show everyone what a great worker you are without being arrogant about it. The important thing is to achieve a balance of contribution without being pushy, friendliness without being rude, professionalism without being arrogant or unfriendly.

Work culture in New Zealand can be quite difficult to understand at first. What you see on the surface is not always what is real. Interpretation on such cultural differences can help you minimise the chance of making mistakes and make it easier to fit in and be accepted.

Even if your English is good, factors such as pronunciation, cultural differences and your understanding of polite word-use could be holding you back. New Zealanders are quite strict about language and many people do not take much time to try to understand if what you are saying and what they expect to hear is too different.

You do not need a student visa to study with us, so as long as you are on a valid visa and studying is not your full purpose of being in New Zealand, then it is easy to get started, 


What our clients say

Katie Coluccio, Human Resources, SLI Systems.

As a company in Christchurch that employs many people from overseas, Kiwi@Home has been a great resource for us to provide non-native English-speaking staff an opportunity to improve their communication skills. We see this as important not only for the work environment but for their personal development as well. We find that Kiwi@Home’s approach to teaching English is highly beneficial as they cater to students’ individual needs and help them develop practical everyday communication skills