Enrolment English requirements

To enrol in many types of courses in educational institutions in New Zealand you will most likely be required to submit evidence of your English level. Generally an IELTS test result is the preferred evidence. The level of IELTS required depends on the level of the course, for example University undergraduate courses usually require 6.5 Academic.


The problems

  1. Without the required English level you cannot enrol, without enrollment you cannot get a visa to stay in New Zealand. For many people being in New Zealand is dependent on getting a student visa, but you will need to meet the requirements of the school before you will be able to complete the enrolment and get an offer of place.
  2. In New Zealand education being able to enrol in a course does not mean that you will easily be able to graduate. You will need to work hard and yoru English is expected to be improving the whole time.

Meeting the English criteria of enrolment does not mean that your English will be good enough to graduate.


The solution

There are 2 possible solutions to this problem. Depending on many factors our students will choose one of the following:

  1. Skype lessons. You can study with us online with specifically focused lessons to get to the specified IELTS requirements or to whatever specific requirements you are told you need by the school where you wish to enrol. Internet lessons can be done in your own country before you leave for New Zealand and scheduled around your other work commitments so you you are able to continue saving money for your study abroad while you prepare for it. ideally you would start this preparation long before you plan to come to New Zealand.
  2. Come here on a different visa first (eg working holiday visa), study as intensively as you are able to and then apply for a student visa once you meet the required standard.

Our uniqueness

  1. Only by studying with us are you able to quickly and cheaply reach the enrolment English requirements of any school you with to enrol in. You do not need to waste time and money in a group class studying general English before you are put into an IELTS class. Your study time is spent on 100% what you need.
  2. Using the enquiry learning methods, as you study to get your enrolment requirements you are also learning study techniques that will most likely be learnt in the school you wish to enrol in. While you are studying English, we introduce you to self guided enquiry learning, so you will be more free to concentrate on the content of your course than getting used to new study methods. make no mistake studying in New Zealand is much easier if you are able to quickly adapt to this new way of studying.
  3. After you have enrolled in your school, we have the academic ability to guide you in your study, help you recap what you have learned and help you to keep up with your lessons, whatever your academic area.


University and Polytech points of consideration


First step - gaining entry

Is your English good enough to be able to enrol in the university or polytech (CPIT) course that you want to do?

Every course that leads to a useful qualification will have some English pre-requisites that you will need before you are allowed to start the course. Depending on the level of the course, the English requirements may be higher or lower. In New Zealand, the requirements are usually IELTS, but equivalent scores in other tests may be used sometimes.


Second step - Graduating with a qualification

Is your understanding of the course content enough for your to do well in the exams? Is your understanding of New Zealand academic writing and research standards good enough? In New Zealand, gaining entry to a course isn't enough to gain the qualification, you will need to show that you understand the coursework and depending on they type of qualification, certain styles of writing and presentation are expected. 

The entry English criteria is set to a level that assumes you will be able to keep up with the course work at the start of the course, not at the end of the course. As the course work gets harder, your English should be getting better. Unfortunately for most international students, just keeping up with the course work is very difficult, so most people don't have time to work on their English as well.

We are knowledgeable in many fields and have helped students graduate from a wide range of courses, through guided study and revision. We call these "recap lessons" Please contact us for more information.