Skype lessons

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Any kind of lessons can be done online and are ideal for people who are busy and want quality lessons wherever they are. With lessons using Skype through the internet you can do it anywhere you have an internet connection.

What kind of person suits Skype lessons?

  1. Busy people who don't have time to go to a school
  2. People who want to prepare for study in New Zealand before arriving here
  3. High school students who need to prepare for next year's study during the holidays
  4. Students who want to take lessons before school starts - take advantage of the time difference
  5. Any student who wants the quality lessons we offer but does not live in Christchurch

What does it cost?

The costs and study options, study methods and everything is the same as our other study courses. Please visit the costs and savings page for more details. By using Skype video calling the software and calling rate is completely free except for your usual internet connection fees.

How does it work?

Once you have downloaded and set up Skype and shared your contact details lessons start at the decided time and are run in almost exactly the same way as a private lesson face to face. By using a good headset and computer (as opposed to a smart phone) the quality is good and it feels more like being in the same classroom together.

Some people find internet lessons easier for test courses and subject specific study because using collaborative software it is possible to work on the same writing together and your mistakes can be smoothly fixed in real time. It is also easy to send links to important information and by sharing screens your teacher can show you new points very easily.

What do i need?

It is possible to do internet lessons on a variety of devices, but for the best quality, this is what we recommend.

  • A computer - it is not important what type; PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, etc
  • A webcam - sometimes they are built in, so have a look at the top of your screen first
  • A headset - using a headset and microphone gives the best sound quality and minimises feedback which can make it very difficult to hear

While it is possible to do lessons on a tablet such as an i-pad, or on a smartphone that can run Skype (i-phone, Samsung Galaxy, etc), it is not recommended except when there is no other alternative as the lower quality and low ease of use makes it harder to concentrate on the lesson.



To download Skype, visit their homepage

If you are having trouble installing Skype, please contact us.