In Christchurch now, more than ever, we are welcoming increasing numbers of international workers to help with the Christchurch rebuild. We have highly qualified workers from all over the world here now, and fluent, natural English is very important.

New Zealanders are quite clear in their expectations of your English, and your work life and satisfaction may well suffer if your accent is strong, or if you can't understand Kiwi expressions or accent. Also your understanding of cultural differences make a large contribution to your success and enjoyment of life in New Zealand.

We are often working together with companies which hire internationally qualified workers to make things work and to help Christchurch's rebuild progress smoothly and quickly.

How is KIWI@HOME better for teaching English for Immigration?

As a licensed immigration adviser, Dan is able to tailor your study package to exactly suit your immigration purpose. Not only that, as an adviser Dan is able to advise students on any alternative methods of proving you meet the English criteria of INZ for your particular visa type or for interviews if necessary.

INZ may accept different forms of evidence for meeting the English criteria, but this is not the same for all people in all situations. We can help you understand whether there are easier ways or faster ways that would be acceptable to the immigration officer assessing your case. With recent changes this has become much simpler (harder) but good English is always necessary


There are 3 things that we can do for you.

Immigration requirements.

IELTS or other English tests

If you need a certain IELTS or other test score to have your work visa approved, or to get your occupational registration approved quickly with the least cost, then we can help. Private IELTS classes that suit your level and your situation and needs will help you get your Visa. Different visa types require a different test score depending on the immigration instructions at the time.

Whatever your starting level, studying with us enables you to meet these requirements in the fastest possible time, making sure that you don't miss important deadlines and opportunities.

Other ways of meeting the requirements

If you don't or can't get the appropriate IELTS score, there are others ways to show INZ that you do actually meet the criteria. From a licensed immigration adviser's knowledge of the relevant immigration law, we can help you show that you meet these criteria instead of IELTS. Working full time in a NZ used to be able to be used as a means of meeting the requirements, it is not possible to use this anymore. 

Polish your English

Even if your English level is good enough to pass the IELTS requirements, you may still experience difficulties with Kiwis not understanding your accent, or using it as an excuse to not follow your instructions. Some Kiwi slang, Kiwi accents and natural expressions may cause difficulty for you. Private lessons focused exactly on what you need to learn will help you quickly adapt to New Zealand life.

Cultural understanding

Language and culture are inter-related, even people who have very good English skills have stress and problems when what they say is taken the wrong way or it is deemed inappropriate. Even situations where language isn't an issue cause problems when your understanding of a different culture is incomplete. If you are working or want to work in New Zealand, you will need to be able to have a good relationship with your employer and your workmates; a lot of this depends on your cultural understanding.

All of these study options are available at the standard rates.