English lesson costs

Our costs present great value. We believe that we offer one of the cheapest private lesson costs of any professional education provider in New Zealand. We aim to be able to provide private lessons to any student who wishes to study quickly and efficiently as private lessons are the best way to improve if you have a need for fast efficient study.

Basic fees hourly rate

Any lesson or training content or study purpose is done based on these basic fees. This means that test courses, corporate training and immigration English, cost the same as general study or English communication.

Lesson Type basic rate 20 hour + discount rate 30 hour + discount rate 40 hours + discount rate
Private lesson at our classroom $45/hr $40/hr $38/hr


Internet lessons $45/hr $40/hr $38/hr $35/hr
Private lessons at your place ** $80/hr $70/hr $70/hr $70/hr
Private Flex lesson $55/hr $55/hr $50/hr $45/hr
Semi-private lesson at our classroom $25/hr $24/hr $22/hr $20/hr


*These lessons are able to receive an extra discount from $35 / hour to $30 / hour after a total of 40 hours have been consumed.

** Depends on teacher availability and other conditions. Students need to create the group themselves to start and groups are generally specific purpose not general English.

* A one off administration fee of $200 applies to new students.

* Lessons paid for in less than 6 hour blocks are billed at the flex lesson rate


  • Text books and learning resources - FREE
  • Study counselling and special advice - FREE
  • Initial level assessment and study advice - FREE
  • Marking and feedback - FREE
  • Tea or coffee during the lesson - FREE




Although we do our best to keep things up to date. the rates may be subject to change so please contact us for a definite quote.

For immigration advice costs, please visit our immigration advice website, or contact us.

Most lesson structures include monthly make-ups and rescheduling so when you are busy or when you can't make it to class you may be able to schedule that lesson for later. Private lesson students are allowed to reschedule once a month for any reason, and students can also put a hold on their lessons if they know they will be away for a longer period of time

The fee is per hour of study, lessons may be made at any length from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. To compare weekly costs, just add the hours of lessons you would do in a week. For example a usual course would consist of 4~6 hours of paid study time per week, which would work out to be $120~$180 per week at the discounted rate. 

To see all of our terms and conditions for lessons, click here.